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About Us

About Us

Dr. Gagandeep singh one of the oldest homeopathic practitioners' families of the world. Dr. Gagandeep singh served millions of prescriptions by offering free medical care through his Homeopathic Clinic in Moga. (Punjab).He has adopted this Advanced Homeopathy as the basis of their practice .

Doctor Gagandeep Singh: He has set up his Homoeopathic clinic at Moga in 2000 and served millions through medical care and contributed almost all he had to the welfare of the people. He saved thousands of lives each year not only in India but throughout the world.He has been working to greatly enhance the healthcare services delivery to the largest number of people. He created a new technique of Homoeopathic treatment which is almost a new science calledAdvance Homeopathy. which has transformed Homeopathy from an art to a science with easily replicable and transferable treatment method. Dr Gagandeep singh complete his study in the top most college in Punjab.

Based on the world's largest clinical experience and contineous Research to evolve Homeopathic treatment that works most of the time, we are ready to take up te challenge from any corner of world.

  • Live longer
  • Have a higher quality of life
  • Avoid surgery in at least more than 95% of the cases
  • At the same time have the lowest per capita healthcare cost
  • All of the above in comparision with the current state of the art treatment in conventional or other alternative medicines anywhere in the world.
  • If you want to know more please Contact us with a description of your complete situations  Click Here.