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Discharging while Sex or before Sex is known as Early Discharge . Due to this disease neither patient nor partner gets satisfied which results in unhappy married life and life partners do not want to be with each other .Some time if female does not get satisfied she looks for other male for fulfilling her SEX desire. Assuming the person is so wealthy but wealth cannot satisfy the females sexually, Wife/friend is to be satisfied sexually for a happy married life. Intoxication, Spermentonia, Nightfall, Masturbation and fear of not able to have sex are the main reasons for this. This disease further relates in body weakness day by day for example if we squeeze juice from an Orange then there is nothing left in Orange, similarly the patient feels in himself, this is very unfavorable situation and wrong medicines having no effect relates to more weakness. Curing these diseases on time from the good sex specialist doctor makes your life happy. Note: Some time patient compare well educated sex specialist doctor and those other doctors who are not able to cure and they give wrong medicines to patient,which results in further Impotency and other SEX diseases.After having medicine from good sex specialist doctor the patient come to know about the difference between sex specialist doctor and other illiterate people giving medicine.

Symptoms: Small or Weak Penis, Dissatisfaction of Partner, Low or No Erectness. Every time thinking and even suicide condition can come.