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There are 3 types of Sperms in Males. for e.g
1. Active (35%)
2. Sluggish (35%)
3. Dead (30%)
Active Sperms produce the child.
Taking more alcohol, Excess Tension, Doing Masturbation or more SEX can lead to deficiency of ACTIVE SPERMS and due to this deficiency the child can not be produced. Note: Some time patient compare well educated sex specialist doctor and those other doctors who are not able to cure and they give wrong medicines to patient,which results in further Impotency and other SEX diseases.After having medicine from good sex specialist doctor the patient come to know about the difference between sex specialist doctor and other illiterate people giving medicine.

Symptoms: Small or Weak Penis, Dissatisfaction of Partner, Low or No Erectness. Every time thinking and even suicide condition can come.