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Lichen Planus

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Every case calls for detailed study of the patient individually. There are no disease specific medicines in homeopathy. The exact treatment is determined only on "in-depth" evaluation of the individual case. The medicines described below are commonly indicated in LichenPlanus, only for the purspose of information. The readers are advised not to indulge in any kind of self-medication.
This is a wonderful deep acting remedy prepared from the seeds of a plant commonly known as Stavesacre. It has profound action on all the systems of the body and predominantly affects the nervous system, genito-urinary system and skin. Marked affection of the mind is also seen.
Staphysagria, which has a broad spectrum of action, is useful for a wide range of disease processes. There are hundreds of indications of this medicine enlisted in our Materia Medica. Here follow the indications in brief:
Staphysagria positively influences the brain, mind, stomach and bowels, lungs, skin, genito-urinary system, bones and joints, teeth etc. It is one of the most frequently used medicines for lichen planus, vitiligo, eczema, urticaria, herpes, warts, hairloss, recurrent styes and chalazion, tonsillitis, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. It is an effective medicine for toothache, prostate gland complaints, etc.
In general a good remedy for nervous affections and for the ill effects of anger, insults injury, and for highly sensitive states.
It's the beauty of the Homeopathic system of medicine to be able to use not only plants, animal products and minerals but also certain disease products and diseased tissue for curing various ailments of patients. These are called as Nosodes. Here is a remedy prepared from the material derived from the carcinoma of the breast. It must be borne in mind that the actual medicine does not contain any part of the original substance in the material form. Only the dynamic powers of the original drug substance are present in the final medicine.
Carcinocin is a deep acting constitutional drug having many indications and a very broad spectrum of action. It is useful for a wide range of disease processes as discussed below. It positively influences mind, lungs, heart, eyes, skin, bones and joints, nerves, etc. It is one of the commonly used medicines for diseases like urticaria, lichen planus, vitiligo, styes and chalazion, hairloss, asthma, insomnia, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. Homeopathy believes that the genetic predisposition or inherent susceptibility is usually the root cause of a wide range of diseases and Carcinosin in one such remedy which is used to combat these genetic tendencies effectively.
This in a wonderful example of a drug prepared from an inert substance like common salt. After undergoing the process of Potentization, the inner healing powers of common salt are brought to surface and thus is borne a deep-acting constitutional remedy. Natrum mur is one of the most commonly used medicines in Homeopathy It can be used for a wide range of disease processes and has a very broad spectrum of action. It can effectively tackle diseases affecting the skin, gastrointestinal organs, nose, lungs, kidney, metabolism, muscles, head, hormonal system, etc. It is one of the commonly used remedies for lichen planus, migraine, urticaria, eczema, vitiligo, asthma, etc.
Natrum mur is an excellent remedy for diseases affecting the general nutrition of the body and for anemia, fevers, thyroid affections, etc. Not only the physical ailments but also the psychic affections come under the domain of this wonderful drug. Depressive states, mood swings, anxiety disorders, irritability, etc can be well tackled with this remedy. All in all, this is a multi-faceted drug that can be used for many of the disorders affecting mankind.
This is a drug prepared from a plant Thuja Occidentalis commonly known as Arbor Vitae. This is another deep acting remedy with a wide sphere of action. It's a constitutional remedy, of great use in many disease processes. It has profound action on skin, genito-urinary organs, joints, nervous system, glands, kidneys, blood, etc. Good for inveterate skin troubles and chronic stubborn skin conditions like lichen planus, psoriasis, eczema, warts, pyoderma, etc. Tendency to have unhealthy skin in general. It is a good drug not only for physical complaints but also for affection of the mind. For example it can be very useful in psychotic states, anxiety disorders, depression, etc.
In general good for chronic diseases which have been neglected for a long time and have therefore grown deeper into the system. These patients are better in dry weather and worse from humid climate and damp conditions
This drug is prepared by the potentization of the iodide of arsenic. It is a very good remedy for skin conditions like lichen planus, eczema and psoriasis where there is marked itching and exfoliation of the skin. There is exfoliation of large scales which leaves behind raw exuding surface. Also a good remedy for acne, pustular and eczematous lesions anywhere but especially in the beard region. Apart from skin affections, this drug positively affects the respiratory system, sinuses, cardiovascular system and the general nutrition as well. One of the commonly used drugs for recurrent colds, chronic pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung abscesses and affections of the heart and blood vessels.
It is a deep acting drug which positively influences the body as a whole.