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Every case calls for detailed study of the patient individually. There are no disease specific medicines in homeopathy. The exact treatment is determined only on "in-depth" evaluation of the individual case. The medicines described below are commonly indicated in Sleeplessness, only for the purspose of information. The readers are advised not to indulge in any kind of self-medication.
This is a remedy that is prepared from roasted coffee beans. This drug suits individuals who are more sensitive to external stimuli than other people. Such patients have increased alertness and wakefulness. They are oversensitive to all stimuli and over-reactive.
Insomnia accompanied by restlessness is a strong feature in such patients. There is undue excitement of mind and an ecstatic state leading to Insomnia. Nervous sleeplessness; the patient lies wide awake at night and it is impossible for him to close the eyes. Sleep is often disturbed by dreams. The patient may get sleep only till about 3 a.m. after which he only dozes off intermittently but can't sleep properly. He may wake up on every sound.
Coffea is a good drug for sleeplessness resulting from joy or surprise, or strong emotions such as grief, fright, etc. This is also a good remedy for nervousness that results from drinking too much of coffee or wine. The mind of these patients is full of ideas and is quick to act in general. They can be quite irritable too.
Nux Vomica is one of the most frequently prescribed remedies in homeopathy for various conditions incident to modern life, including Insomnia. It is prepared by the potentization of the seeds of a plant commonly known as "poison nut". After undergoing the process of potentization, the hidden curative powers of this drug are brought to surface.
Nux Vomica positively influences multiple systems of the body such as nerves, digestive system, reproductive organs, respiratory organs, etc.
A few of its common indications for sleeplessness are as follows: Patient sleeps early in the evening and then awakens at 3-4 a.m. after which he falls into dreamy sleep at day break. It is hard to arouse him from this sleep in the morning. Short sleep ameliorates his symptoms in general. It is s good drug for sleeplessness that arises due to the stresses of modern daily life.
This drug is prepared from a plant called wind flower. It is known as the weather-cock amongst homoeopathic remedies due to the changeability of symptoms seen in this drug.
Pulsatilla is a deep acting constitutional remedy affecting multiple systems of the body and having varied presentation of symptoms. It is in true sense a polycrest remedy, which has a broad spectrum of action, useful for a wide range of disease processes. It is one such remedy, which is useful for acute as well as chronic complaints. The symptoms of Pulsatilla in Insomnia are as follows:
Sleepless in the first part of the night from ideas crowding in the mind; the patient sleeps late in the morning when it is time to get up. There is great sleepiness during daytime. The patient lies with hand overhead. Confused, indolent, unrefreshed on waking; talks, whines and screams during sleep.
Sulphur is one of the commonly indicated homoeopathy medicines for a wide range of complaints. It is a true polycrest remedy having influence on various systems of body like nerves, digestive system, skin, urinary system, respiratory system, reproductive organs, etc. It is one of the frequently prescribed remedies for Insomnia and its symptoms are as follows:
Sleeplessness with waking up at 5 a.m. Sleeps well for 3-4 hours then wakes up; then again he dozes off for the rest of the night. Cat-naps. Occasionally the patient has to get up at night to eat.
Patient sleeps on the left side; he gets nightmares when he sleeps on the back. Laughing in sleep is another indication of this remedy. Sees happy dreams and wakes up singing.
This is a wonderful remedy prepared by the potentization of inorganic phosphorus. After undergoing the process of potentization, the latent healing powers of this drug are brought to surface and it proves to be a wonderful remedy capable of curing a wide range of diseases. Phosphorus predominantly acts on the nervous tissue, gastrointestinal tract, hepato-biliary system, blood, kidneys, bones, lungs, etc.
It is frequently used in the homoeopathic treatment of insomnia, peptic ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, hepatitis, cirrhosis, hemorrhagic tendencies, respiratory infections, osteomyelitis, paralytic symptoms, etc. Some of the common indications of this drug are as follows:
Patient takes short naps and there is frequent waking in between. Short sleep ameliorates many complaints. Phosphorus is also a good drug for Somnambulism, talking in sleep. The patient prefers to sleep on right side; he is unable to sleep on left side.
This is a Homeopathic remedy that is prepared from the leaves of the plant Passion flower. It is a very good remedy for insomnia of infants, aged, the mentally worried and overworked people.
Passiflora is a good drug for sleeplessness resulting from mental exhaustion.
The symptoms are worse from mental worries, mental excitement, at night and after meals. Passiflora also helps insomnia in persons with the morphine habit and in nervous individuals.
The sleep of the patient is restless and wakeful. This drug has a quieting effect on nervous system.
This is a Homeopathic remedy that is prepared from the Phosphate of Potassium. It is one of the very good remedies for sleeplessness, from worry, business troubles etc. The patient is restless during sleep or may be simply drowsy and yawning but unable to sleep. Patient may have a feeling of heat during sleep. Kali Phos. is a good remedy for Somnambulism. Weak and tired feeling with extreme prostration is another important feature of this drug. Conditions arising from neurasthenia, mental and physical depression are wonderfully improved by this remedy. The common causes of complaints are usually excitement, overwork and worry