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Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis > Ingredients

Every case calls for detailed study of the patient individually. There are no disease specific medicines in homeopathy. The exact treatment is determined only on "in-depth" evaluation of the individual case. The medicines described below are commonly indicated in Ulcerative Colitis, only for the purpose of information. The readers are advised not to indulge in any kind of self-medication.
As the name suggests, this drug is prepared by the potentization of mercury. This is a very deep acting remedy and it positively influences multiple systems of the body. It acts profoundly on the glands, blood, bones, skin, gastrointestinal organs, reproductive systems, respiratory organs, nerves, etc.
Mercurius is one of the commonly indicated remedy for ulcerative colitis, acute as well as chronic, recurrent tonsillitis, pharyngitis, colds, fevers; skin complaints like abscesses, bullae, etc. It's also a very good drug for nervous affections like tremors, paretic and paralytic conditions, etc.
A few of its common indications in ulcerative colitis are as follows: Stools with much blood and mucus with intense tenesmus during stools. Cutting pain in the abdomen during the stools. "Not-done" feeling constantly even after passing stools. Constant sick feeling in the abdomen with chilly sensation. Marked weakness.
It is one of the commonly used homoeopathic drugs which has got profound action on every organ and tissue of the body. It is prepared from arsenic trioxide which undergoes the process of potentization to bring its latent curative powers to the surface. It is a wonderful remedy and has a very wide sphere of action. It predominantly acts on the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, urinary system, skin, reproductive system, nervous system, etc. It has good scope in the treatment of septic infections and low vitality. Arsenic alb. is frequently prescribed for conditions like ulcerative colitis, asthmatic bronchitis, sinusitis, fevers, psoriasis, eczema, gastritis, enteritis, food poisoning, etc.
Its common indications in ulcerative colitis are as follows: Stools are foul smelling, watery, with much mucus and blood. Violent pains in the abdomen that drive the patient to despair. Intense burning pains that are better by warmth.
Marked weakness and exhaustion with most of the complaints. Arsenic is also a good drug for breathlessness that comes on after taking cold drinks and cold food. Most of the complaints in such patients are associated with intense weakness and debility, restlessness and lot of anxiety.
It's the beauty of the Homeopathic system of medicine to be able to use not only plants, animal products and minerals but also certain disease products and diseased tissue for curing various ailments of patients. These are called as Nosodes. Here is a remedy prepared from the material derived from the carcinoma of the breast. It must be borne in mind that the actual medicine does not contain any part of the original substance in the material form. Only the dynamic powers of the original drug substance are present in the final medicine.
Carcinocin is a deep acting constitutional drug having many indications and a very broad spectrum of action. It is useful for a wide range of disease processes as discussed below. It positively influences mind, lungs, heart, eyes, skin, bones and joints, nerves, etc. It is one of the commonly used medicines for diseases like vitiligo, urticaria, lichen planus, styes and chalazion, hair loss, asthma, insomnia, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. Homeopathy believes that the genetic predisposition or inherent susceptibility is usually the root cause of a wide range of diseases and Carcinosin in one such remedy which is used to combat these genetic tendencies effectively.