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Due to this disease some white thick particular comes out while passing stool or urine or after urine. The main reasons for this disease are Masturbation, Watching Adult Movies, Intoxication when this disease increases the sperms get so thin that it gets out while passing the urine which relates to Tiredness, Laziness, No Glow on Face. This disease also relates to Low Excitement that if patient wants to have sex even then the penis does not get full erect and if he would not be able to satisfy his partner then he will always be afraid of having sex and his partner will be always annoyed. This disease also relates to impotency and fear of loosing his partner will always be on his mind. So a patient should always cure this disease as early as possible or Contact us we will cure him by doing our best. Note: Some time patient compare well educated sex specialist doctor and those other doctors who are not able to cure and they give wrong medicines to patient,which results in further Impotency and other SEX diseases.After having medicine from good sex specialist doctor the patient come to know about the difference between sex specialist doctor and other illiterate people giving medicine.

Symptoms: White discharge with Urine or Stool. Low Time Period, Dissatisfaction of Partner, Low or No Erectness, Early Discharge.Every time thinking and even suicide condition can come.